What sort of asset label will I need for my school?

Which sort of school asset label do you need to protect your equipment? Ultra Destruct, Tamper Evident, Polyester Laminated or Ultra-Tuff? Choosing the correct type of asset label for your school is not easy. Hopefully this page will give you some guidance.

All of our asset labels are made to a high standard. We only use the best quality inks, materials and adhesives. Schools need to be able to rely on their labels to stay in place and to last.

We can help you with barcodes and sequential numbering. QR codes and images can also be added. Our friendly team can help to make ordering stress free.

Short of time? Online ordering is easy.


Asset Labels for Schools work in conjunction with Custom Labels Ltd.

School Asset Labels Ultra Destruct Vinyl Asset Labels Ultra Destruct label. Popular in schools.

‘Ultra-Destruct’ Vinyl Asset Labels – 1st Choice to apply to valuable equipment in schools!

Are you looking for a durable, long lasting label? This is our No.1 Best Selling Asset Label!

Once cured, the permanent adhesive provides a reliable means of asset identification. Waterproof and durable, fragmentation discourages theft and prevents relocation; ideal for schools, academies, colleges and universities.


Keep up to date with your school property by using an Ultra Destruct vinyl asset label.

Hi - tack 3M polyester. Easy clean asset label Hi – tack 3M polyester. Easy-clean asset label

Hi-Tack 3M Polyester Laminated Asset Labels

This label has excellent adhesion to all clean flat surfaces. It is made with a high-performance waterproof material, a powerful adhesive and a mark-resistant gloss polyester over-laminate. These labels withstand a temperature range of –40’C to +150’C. The easy-clean, wipeable laminate make these ideal for use in demanding locations where oil, dirt and temperatures are more extreme.



security label, equipment label with void

Tamper Evident Void

This label is ideal for use in schools on ‘approved device’ equipment, such as calculators.

This ‘void’ polyester asset label is used in situations where tampering needs to be exposed. The construction of the label uses a two phase adhesive. The label will stick effectively. On any attempt of removal, will leave the words VOID on the label and onto the material it is adhered to.

Can it be re-stuck? Even if you aim to replace the label by sticking it down in the same position, it will be still evident that tampering has worked.


'Ultra Tuff' asset tag with logo

Ultra Tuff label.

Ultra-Tuff Asset Label

Our newest and toughest label! This metal type, or white 3M polyester label has an abrasion, chemical and scratch resistant polycarbonate laminate.

This strong asset label is suited to all flat surfaces and is specially manufactured for long term durability. It is designed to withstand a wide temperature range (-40 to +130 deg C.) The exceptional dimensional stability makes it ideal for use in demanding locations and in harsh environments.  Suitable for hire equipment, school asset tags, tools, test equipment, projectors and much more.

QR Code Asset Labels

QR Codes are used to allow more information to be included on the label. They can be sequentially numbered or provide a ‘quick link’ to a school website or product. Tablets and smartphones can be used to scan the QR codes on the asset labels making data collection easier.


asset label with QR code

We are happy to supply a label design and samples for you. Review and test at no cost !