Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are used to scan barcoded items, giving the user instant information about that item. Many schools asset- mark their more valuable assets with a barcode label to comply with their asset inventory or tracking system. There are many different types of barcode scanner available to purchase. Today, many people use a free smartphone app for convenience.

Asset labels, (sometimes called asset tags) are property labels made with durable label materials and special adhesives for long-term use. A range of school asset labels can be found here.

Types of label

Asset Labels for Schools stock a wide selection of tough materials tested to withstand anything from mild to extreme conditions. Let us know your requirements – labels to stick on canoes which need to be waterproof, labels that need to withstand outdoor exposure and UV light, labels for kitchen use, library use, small technology, messy play, large areas…..we can help!

With twenty years of experience manufacturing asset labels, we are confident that we can recommend the correct label type for you.  We can send you samples for you to test in your own environment.

Smart Tracking.

barcode app

Read your asset labelled barcodes or QR codes instantly with a barcode app

 With the increasing capability of smartphone applications or ‘apps’, customers are requesting barcode or QR code information to be printed onto each label. A barcode is simply an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached.

Are you looking for a cheaper way to track assets?

microscope A micrAoscope labelled with barcoded asset label, for example, can be scanned and reveal information such as the value, age and purchaser/department relating to that piece of equipment. This makes asset management more simple and cost effective than it has ever been.

The Barcodes Inc site have reviewed their best ten barcode scanner apps to use with smart phones. This makes tracking assets in large educational establishments far more manageable than ever before as every smart phone can instantly become a barcode scanner.

Sequential numbering is also a popular request for those using a more simple tracking system.     

Use a smartphone in conjunction with asset labels to track your assets

Use a smartphone in conjunction with barcode asset labels to track your assets