School Stickers

UK schools use school stickers and printed labels a lot. Stickers tend to be short- life paper based adhesive rewards that are given to children for achievements.These are usually round and brightly printed with a message, such as ‘Well Done!’  Stickers are also purchased as blank rectangles and printed cheaply in school for book cover labels. These stickers are usually made of paper with a light adhesive backing and are designed for short-term use.

School stickers or school labels?

If your task is to mark assets for tracking or asset management systems then do not use short-life stickers. Cheap stickers quickly show signs of wear and can tear off easily. This will mean that the assets can become lost or stolen. This is why Asset Labels for Schools as a business was started. Asset Labels for Schools is part of Custom Labels Ltd. It was established to focus purely on the labelling needs of schools, colleges, academies and universities, although we welcome student unions, PTA’s, clubs, charities and societies to shop with us. The business has grown year on year. This is mostly due to the fact that we choose to sell our labels direct to the customer. Schools can therefore make direct savings which otherwise would be passed on to a re-seller. We’ve cut out the ‘middle-man!’

Asset security

Keep your assets secure. These labels will not remove easily!

Sometimes, schools are unsure how and where to shop for the stickers seen on school assets, such as school computers, cameras and tablets. They are sometimes referred to as stickers, although they are mostly referred to as asset labels or asset tags. Different schools and groups ring us regularly with questions about the type of label or barcode to use in different situations – and our staff are always happy to help. Our reviews and positive feedback help us to share advice with our customers. We can tell schools which label is best suited for use in a Maths Department and which label works well on canoes, for example. Examples of our most popular asset labels: 3M white, silver and Ultra-Destruct vinyl labels can be seen on our website here. 

Many schools choose to order samples and labels direct from the Online Shop.

In the Online Shop the label design can be chosen and customised to the exact needs of each school. Text can be added and changed – or a department or subject added with no problem. Barcodes and QR codes can be added, plus a school logo if required. size and colour are also options. Please contact us if you don’t see exactly what label you would like for your school. As a custom – printer we can often create exactly the label our customer requires.

Please remember! Our friendly staff are on hand to help and to answer any questions that you may have because we want every customer to be really happy with each purchase. If you would like to receive a free sample of your label to trial – then we are very happy to send it today.

metallised asset barcode label

Sometimes called a school sticker, this metallised barcode asset label is a popular choice for schools.