Which is the most popular school asset label?

Asset security

Keep your assets secure. These tamper-proof labels will not remove easily!

Ultra-Destruct labels, otherwise known as Tamper-Proof labels are recommended for schools because they have several properties:

  • High strength adhesive meaning that the label turns ‘rock hard’ after curing. (Best left for 48 hours, but adhesive just gets stronger over time)
  • Breaks into tiny pieces if persistent removal is attempted
  • Water resistant so label can be wiped clean
  • Non- transferable to another asset
  • Very very strong asset labels, hard-wearing and long -lasting.

Who supplies asset labels to schools?

Asset Labels for Schools supply many UK schools, colleges, academies and universities with high-quality inventory asset labels, security labels and custom – printed labels. They are the leading provider of asset-tracking labels and tamper-proof labels with a huge range of sizes and materials available. The company prides itself on excellent customer service and fast turnaround. All labels dispatched are tracked to ensure that labels reach schools in the very best possible condition.

Are they expensive?

Every school, irrespective of size or status, is keen to stretch its budget. Asset Labels for Schools receive and print every customer order and send the order directly to the school, so can pass on savings by dealing direct. Their prices are keenly competitive with more savings offered with larger orders. Many smaller schools re-order labels because they know the label quality is excellent for the price they pay.

My school don’t use asset labels; should they?

A recent article highlighted the need for asset labels in larger schools. It mentioned efficient data management (by barcode scanning), security against theft and integrated process automation and data accuracy. The article builds a good argument for the use of them and their cost effectiveness. At the moment, UK schools use both asset labels separately or part of an existing asset management system.

All labels can be trialled. Free label samples are available so that schools can test the quality for themselves and see the suitability to the school environment. Great reviews and feedback indicate that schools, colleges, academies and universities are delighted with the label quality and feel more confident that their expensive assets are better protected.