We thought that we would test some labels recently.

We exposed our label materials to a range of different environments and temperatures to see for ourselves how the labels performed.

From feedback from our customers, we knew that our labels are consistently of excellent quality, but it’s nice to be able to see and proove that for ourselves.

Our labels are currently stuck on canoes, paddles, racing karts and sports equipment, withstanding all of the elements.They are strong, super adhesive and bright.

Strong ultra sticky labels

Strong, durable waterproof labels that can be removed leaving no residue. Any colour, size or logo.

The label type used on the ski boots performed brilliantly.

At the end of the week we peeled off each label in one piece, leaving no residue on the hired boots.

This sort of label would work equally well on any loan/hire equipment or luggage.

Any colours, any logo, any size. Great quality and fast turnaround.