Does my school need asset labels?

QR code with contact details

This asset label has a QR code with contact details

Does my school need asset labels? Yes. Every school, college, academy and university needs asset labels!

Asset labels are the most effective and cheapest way to track the assets (items of value) in a school.

Try following this quick set up guide to track your school assets.

  1. Create a spreadsheet and list assets of value, eg. sony tv, ipad pro, smartboard. You may wish to organise this by area, classroom, type of equipment or date purchased.
  2. Give each asset a number. We suggest starting with five digits, the first asset being 00001.
  3. Decide on the information that you wish to appear on your finished label. Logo? Colour? Wording? See here for examples.
  4.  Decide whether you require just numbers or you wish to have barcodes or QR codes ( to hold more information which is revealed when the code is scanned.)
  5. Order your labels online.
  6. Ring us on 01278433800 or email for advice. We are happy to help and guide you.

Schools using asset labels report the following:

  • Assets get returned to school. Less ‘go missing’ after being loaned.
  • Students quickly become aware that assets can be checked out and then checked back at the end of each lesson.
  •  Assets get returned to the correct place when label gives a location within a school e.g. Geography Department.
  • Damaged property are replaced more quickly as assets are traceable.
  • Duplicates are purchased if the asset is effective – because each identical piece of equipment is made unique by its given asset number.

    Asset barcode labels with sequential numbers

    Durable asset labels made to last.

Good news for school budgets.

Schools notice that less money is spent on replacing lost or stolen equipment once labels are added.  That has to be good news for department budgets!

So yes, your school does indeed need asset labels!