Are school barcode stickers in every school?

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Yes. School barcode stickers exist in every UK school. UK schools buy barcode stickers and there are good reasons for this:

  • All UK Academies must account fully for assets with capital values typically between £500 and £1000. These items must be audited every year as part of the financial returns. In reality, most schools choose to place asset stickers on goods worth £100 or more. Some schools place asset stickers on every item that is likely to leave the premises through being loaned out to students.
  • The SFVS requires governors to question school managers specifically about disaster recovery plans. This includes making sure that full asset inventories are kept up to date and that insurance cover is adequate. Assets are much easier to track when they have a sticker, and much more likely to be returned to the correct school if they are lost or stolen.
  •  The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations create a need to maintain an accurate equipment list and to provide evidence of correct disposal procedures.

Does your school know that British Health and Safety regulations require routine testing of portable electronic equipment? The results need to be documented fully. Read this useful guide ‘Developing an asset management system for schools and academies.’ here.

School assets are very valuable and that’s why we print school barcode stickers every day at Asset Labels for Schools, sending them directly all across Europe and the UK.  Why not order yours today for prompt free delivery?

School Barcode Stickers for UK Schools.

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Can I buy school barcode stickers online?

Yes! Please do! The shop is open 24 hours a day! Many schools choose to design and buy online, confident that they can try their labels as a free sample before deciding on a large purchase. Our friendly sales team enjoy offering advice to schools and can recommend different labels, sizes, laminates and adhesives, depending on each label requirement. This valuable advice will often save schools money.The online shop is always open. Add your school logo for free.

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Do I need a barcode on a school sticker?

Some schools prefer barcodes; some don’t. A barcode or QR code will hold extra information, that, when scanned, will reveal information about the barcoded school asset. This is useful if the assets are linked to a school inventory or a asset tracking system for asset management.

Other schools and departments use simple numbering and text. Some schools use ‘Property Of…’ followed by the name of the school and a contact telephone number.

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Property of sticker. Use these for asset identification in schools. Design your own and track the assets in your department.