Our newly updated website makes purchasing labels really easy. We know that you are very busy people.

Most schools contact us using the ‘contact us’ page email facility, adding their chosen wording by entering text into the required fields.

Other customers ring us to discuss their requests or to ask for advice.

Our friendly staff at assetlabelsforschools.co.uk are always happy to help and have over fifteen years of experience in label printing. Our larger parent company www.custom-labels.co.uk occupies the same site. That’s perhaps why many of our happy customers return to us.

We aim to meet your needs. From waterproof labels, larger wall stickers, book labels to small logo labels, barcode labels to property of…labels, we have the technology to meet your requirements.

Keep your expensive equipment safer by adding a security sticker. This is a deterrent against theft. It also helps borrowed items being returned to the correct department!

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