New premises

September 2015 saw the move from our older premises to new purpose – built premises in Bridgwater, Somerset UK.

These new premises have been specially designed to enable us to fulfill the ever increasing demand for our existing range of labels plus the demand for extra large orders. It also gives us the space for future expansion.

As well as having a large label production area, we now have a bespoke digtal manufacturing area. This means that all digital labels can be manufactured and packaged in a clean, temperature controlled dust free environment.

Furthermore, our improved location means that communication links are better;  we can ship out orders more quickly than ever before.

With Asset Labels for Schools and Custom Labels working together, we can cater for a vast range of label printing needs.

If it’s asset labels that you require, why not view and order from our wide range of security labels at our dedicated asset label and asset tag website

Why not order your labels today? We know that you will be even more impressed with the quality and service!

Schools can order online. For all other label requirements, such as warranty, service, void, film, calibration, property and more try Custom Labels Ltd.