Well we can help!

Working alongside our parent company, www.asset-labelsforschools.co.uk,we can supply schools, businesses and services with the sticky security labels that they need. From tiny labels for cameras to large labels for photocopiers, we can do it.

Printed with or without barcodes and/or sequential numbers, QR codes or not, we can oblige.

Security asset labels

Security labels from www.custom-labels.co.uk

We supply many large companies with security labels and we are happy to give advice and guidance to ensure that our clients are happy with their purchases.

As our business expands we are able to offer a wider range of labels to our clients.

As well as printing a whole host of industrial labels we are now offerering ‘property of ..’ labels which have been very popular with schools across the UK who wish to keep a close eye on their assets. These are particularly useful when different groups are sharing or borrowing equipment, ie hockey sticks or ipads, where some pupils use their own property.

These labels can be printed in the school colours, incorporating the school logo and with a choice of text, barcode or sequential numbering if preferred.

We can also offer ‘approved device’ labels, glossy logo labels for use on stationary; trophies or cerficates and now window stickers – superb for staff access or indeed fundraising.

We would be delighted to count you as new customers and are confident that, like all of the schools that we work with, you will be impressed with our quality and service.