Why not treat your school to a money saving idea this Christmas?!

Smart and tough asset labels for schools

Here at Asset Labels for Schools, we notice a surge in demand at this time of the year from our schools ordering and re ordering asset labels. This could be that some schools have to spend their annual budgets before Christmas and want to protect these new assets when they arrive! Asset labels are typically securely stuck onto items of value in schools, colleges, academies and universities to track these (often expensive) items against an inventory. This makes school resources easier to track and more secure to lend. Our smart and tough labels can be used on any property from textbooks to goalposts to i pads!

We can give you further advice on the suitability of labels to match your  needs.Just tell us what you need our labels for- and we can advise you on the best value label.

Here are a few label types that we supply to PTA groups,schools, colleges, academies and universities:

  • Our Ultra Destruct Vinyl Asset Labels are very difficult to remove. Full colour printing is available.
  • 3M Polyester Asset Labels  have good durability and are resistant to high and low temperatures. Full colour printing is available.
  • 3M Polyester Laminated Asset Labels. These standard labels and tags have excellent durability (Resistant to all chemicals and abrasion) These labels are popular for handheld equipment and are available in a limited range of colours.
  • Void Polyester Asset Label. These tamper evident (Leaves ‘VOID’ message if removed) labels. Full colour printing is available. 

    PTA/Friends labels or stickers

Contact us direct for advice or to order. We make it easy.We can even send you samples to try before you buy.

We have years of experience manufacturing adhesive labels for the school sector so, coupled with brand new printing technology, we are confident that we can meet your labelling needs.