How are you managing your school assets?

Fixed assets and mobile assets cost schools a lot of money. Losing assets can be expensive and cause a barrier to learning. That’s why your school, college, academy or university should mark their assets clearly. Asset management gives the whole school community ‘peace of mind’. Even the youngest student can understand the need for a security system at a basic ‘log in – log out’ level.

A popular asset label for use in schools


School governors, trusts and school management find that simple asset management provides financial accountability. Asset management using asset labels gives the maximum level of financial security. This is because each asset becomes identifiable. Simple printed barcode labels will hold information linked to each unique object, for example, age, cost and condition.

Hard to remove and very popular with schools.

Ultra destruct asset labels, linked to a school asset management inventory, are hard to remove and very popular.

Do you have an Asset Management Policy in place?

Does your register list and number each asset over a certain value?

A basic Asset Management Policy will ensure that each school complies with statutory requirements.

In the event of a sudden fire or flood, could your most valuable assets be traced?

Be reassured!

An asset register can be a very simple checklist. A simple inventory is a good way to check the location and value of each asset.

What type of labels are available?

Asset labels come in a range of label materials.

Asset Labels for Schools have twenty years of label printing experience, providing labels for books, cameras – even canoes! Logos, barcodes, QR codes and numbers can be uploaded automatically. We offer label design advice to our customers every day. We also print labels for electrical testing, warranty and safety.

Many Academy Trusts use Asset Labels for Schools; a trusted UK company, printing good quality labels, with a great service at the right price.

school asset labels

Asset Management becomes easy when linking asset labels to an asset inventory.

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