Look around you and you will see that our sticky labels are everywhere!

One label can do many things!

Depending on the information and data that you choose to include, our labels can:

  • Advertise your establishment
  • Secure your assets by linking them to a location, a department, classrooom, upper school, etc.
  • Provide an automatic ‘return to’ message by stating ‘Property of….’
  • Link via barcoding to your own inventory
  • Indicate approved devices
  • State dates for electrical testing
  • Be temporary or permanent
  • Be very small or very large
  • Be waterproof
  • Indicate owned or borrowed assets.

In fact, because we are part of our larger parent company:

www.customlabels.co.uk – we can meet all of your labelling needs.

Contact us today; we would love to add you to our satisfied customer base.

High quality, strong adhesive labels to reflect your establishment.

We make labels for educational establishments accross the UK. Supported by our parent company: www.customlabels.co.uk we can provide all your labelling needs.