Academy Schools Welcome!

Many schools are becoming academies or free schools. As part of the conversion process we have been delighted to assist many schools by updating or redesigning their asset labels to reflect a new name.

Schools, academies, colleges and universities use our asset labels for many reasons but fundamentally our labels act as a deterrent against theft whilst enabling easy stock control. Many academy groups and trusts use asset tracking software with our labels to track valuable assets in and across schools.

Asset Labels for Schools are used by thousands of UK establishments because we offer excellent quality and reliability. We are approachable, friendly and efficient.

So why not let us help you today? Contacting us is easy. Ordering can be done online.

With our labels protecting your assets, we could save your academy, school or university a lot of money.

Asset Labels UK

We print high quality asset labels for schools, academies and businesses in the UK and worldwide.