Do wheelchairs have attachments? Do attachments get lost? Yes? You need Wheelchair part stickers!  Very popular!!

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We were recently contacted by a very large UK special school. The school has many children who are wheelchair users. Each wheelchair has a variety of fittings that belong to the chair. These fittings can be removed to allow the child to access different activities. For example, the footrests can be removed to allow the child to play football, or the armrests removed for exercise classes.

Sometimes, however, these attachments are left behind in different school locations and become muddled up! Could we find a solution?

We can print a solution to solve the problem.

University barcode label with logo, waterproof ‘Property of…’ label and sequential numbered labels are all popular wheelchair and asset label choices.

Our solution was to print a four part sticker ( more parts are possible.) We stuck a label onto each removable part so that each part could be traced back to the chair – or the child- depending on whether asset numbers or the child’s initials are used! The stickers are durable and waterproof using strong adhesive to make sure that each sticker stays securely in place.

The school are delighted with the stickers. The wheelchair parts are now easy to find! This is saving carers time searching for missing wheelchair parts and they can spend their time more efficiently. Our labels save the school and parents money. Wheelchair replacement parts can be very expensive!

We can print any colour, design and size.  Our graphic designers can add artwork or a logo to suit your needs. We can add extra text and extra stickers. Our labels are durable and waterproof. Please get in touch – we would love to print some wheelchair or mobility-aid stickers for you.

Wheelchair stickers made for your school or home. Available in different designs.

Contact us and ask for details on wheelchair stickers – we are always happy to help.