How can asset labels make your UK school funding go further?

UK school funding is being cut. Protect the assets that you already have!

Funding is being reduced in UK schools. There is less money available to spend on new resources, therefore schools are thinking of ways to protect their existing assets. A lot of money has been invested in teaching resources in the past and the cost of one individual asset could easily reach hundreds of pounds at primary level and thousands at a university. Can your school afford to lose assets knowing that they may not be replaced?

Can your school afford to lose assets knowing that they will not be replaced?

Stick asset labels onto mobile and fixed assets and schools have instantly marked their property. ‘Asset’ or ‘barcode’ labels are used for labelling and tracking more valuable property and assets. They can be seen as small stickers attached to office furniture, equipment, computers, tablets and fixtures. Spend money on asset labels and know it is money wisely spent.Tracking valuable property becomes much easier with asset labels.

Here at Asset Labels for Schools, we have a reputation for excellent service. We understand that school budgets are tight and therefore ensure that we give the best value for money. We only use good quality materials, adhesives and inks so that our labels adhere well and maintain their colours.We take care to offer a great level of service by offering advice to individual schools tailored exactly to their needs. This advice is based on twenty years of experience and feedback from returning, happy customers. Order and design asset labels for your school today!

Most of our business comes from UK school recommendations!

Schools, happy with our service have spread the good news!  We deal with large academies and multi academy trusts who trust us to deliver the best service.
i pad asset labels

School assets should be registered. Equipment on loan should state the educational establishment name clearly.

Bar codes and QR codes contain a lot of information about each item. QR ( quick response) code labels are a specific matrix bar code (two dimensional code) that can be read by a specialist reader or by a camera phone app. By scanning the code, a wide range of information can be collected, stored or used instantly. QR Codes can be customised in any way including school contact details, addresses or link to a school website. QR code labels can be manufactured to have unique information or variable data.

Quick Response coded labels contain extra information.

Labels can also reduce theft! Asset labels on assets that have the school name clearly marked are hard to re-sell and easy to return to the school address. Schools are impressed with our ‘ultra destruct’ range which are nearly impossible to remove! Samples are available on request.

Details of UK school funding in the UK can be found here. Academy funding information can be located in academy funding.

UK Asset barcode labels with sequential numbers

UK school funding – help protect assets.Order and design asset labels for your school today!