Do you share your school resources?

  Where are they and what does your school own?

Do you share your school resources? Yes? This is now common practice, benefitting all schools involved. Sharing can be done in a variety of ways. Some resources will stay with one teacher e.g. a specialist Science teacher or P.E. teacher, visiting a number of schools, and some will stay in one school and be lent out, like a lending library. If each asset is not labelled, then how can it be returned?

Once asset labelled, each asset is easy to trace because the number or barcode will relate directly to information stored about that asset in an asset register. Simply scan the barcode or check the number against an asset register.

A review in June 2013, for the Department of Education, was entitled ‘Review of efficiency in the schools system.’ It was undertaken to support schools, to learn from the best and get even better outcomes from the money that they spend. It goes on to say that all schools must do their part in securing value for money in public spending.

Share school resources and benefit from economies of scale

The review identified seven key characteristics of the most efficient schools. One of these was to make use of school clusters, Academy Groups and Teaching Alliances to share expertise, experience and data, as well as making savings when buying shared purchases. Our price structure, with economy of scale, particularly attracts large schools and school groups. Order and design asset labels for your school today!

QR coded labels are a popular asset label choice for schools

QR coded labels are a popular asset label choice for schools Order and design asset labels for your school today!

We deal with many schools who order asset labels in bulk because they share school resources. Some schools order labels printed with their individual school name and details. Other groups order labels for shared resources in a lending library, purchased for the benefit of many schools. Our extensive range of labels, including tamper-proof labels, allow resources to be logged as part of a school or group asset register. The barcode or sequential number means that resources are simple to track. A QR code holds extra information about each resource.

Academy schools often share resources

Share school resources wisely. Shared school resources can easily become ‘lost.’ Help track resources by using asset labels linked to a simple asset register.

Labelled resources are far more likely to be returned to the named location.

This ‘Ultra Destruct’ label is extremely hard to remove, even with a sharp knife.