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Working with assettrac to manage your school property register.

We know how hard it can be to keep on top of managing your school property register.

Every school is aware of the cost of buying – and replacing resources and equipment. The total value of assets just in one class or small department can reach tens of thousands of pounds. However the task of starting to record, update and manage these assets is too large for one person.

That’s why we are pleased to be able to recommend a company who will make life easier for you.

School property asset management

School property asset management

Schools, academies, and universities are now moving from spreadsheets and paper records to modern cloud-based asset management systems to track their equipment and inspections.

Assettrac have a great team of professionals who will:

Label and record all your school equipment in two or three days

Add replacement costs for each asset, categorising each type for depreciation

Post the school property (asset) register to an online database which you can easily edit for changes

Provide hand-held scanners or tablets for day to day management of IT & premises

Offer you a re-audit in 12 months time.

Ensure you comply with SFVS or academy audit requirements.

Keep up to date with your school property register using assetrac

Keep up to date with your school property register using assettrac

As well as this, you will be using great quality, durable asset labels manufactured by Asset Labels for Schools – the leading provider of labels to schools, colleges, academies and universities in the UK.

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Why use Assettrac? This pdf provides a brief company overview, the benefits of using the system, a brief description of Asset Performer Online, hardware (scanners) and a list of clients.