Does a School Need Barcode Labels and a Barcode System?

Barcode labels for schools

School asset labels for use with a barcode system

The answer is yes. Every business, large or small has assets and schools are no exception. Many assets are valuable and need to be accounted for. A barcode system can be a very simple inventory of numbers and matching listed assets written on a sheet of paper.

With the latest technology, and huge investment in premises, printing technology and skilled staff, Custom Labels has a dedicated team looking after the labelling needs of UK schools,colleges, academies and universities. This team is called Asset Labels for Schools.

The team look after the thousands of schools that need asset labels to be custom-printed. Some customers have been ordering asset labels for nearly 20 years, others have moved to us more recently, having heard about the savings that can be made by ordering directly from the website.

Asset labels for schools. We make it easy. Online shop

We can colour match your school logo! Clear, robust asset labels. Ask for samples.

Asset Labels for Schools print asset labels for every type of school, club and charity. The printing technology makes it possible for us to print to the exact specifications of size, colour, text and logo.This makes every label unique when a barcode QR code or number sequence is added.

The best inks and adhesives are selected and the materials are chosen to match the role of the label. Our team can offer advice based on the feedback that we receive from schools who are happy with their choices of label. From-short term paper labels to weatherproof external labels, from exam approved security labels to inclusive toilet labels – we can print them all.

Inclusive Toilet durable sticky label

Printed onto Hi-Tack vinyl, this sticky label is durable, UV resistant and waterproof.

Metal barcode label

Metallised primary school Label

Hard to remove asset label. Very popular with schools.

Do my labels need numbers, QR codes or barcodes?

Schools, academy trusts, colleges and universities mostly order barcode labels. Barcodes can easily be scanned with a smartphone to reveal the extra data held on each label. This means that barcode labels can be used to track an asset back to its correct ‘home’ but are also a deterrent to theft. ¬†Primary schools often use simple numbered codes. All labels are printed to comply with all barcode monitoring systems and asset tracking systems in the UK.¬†School management of assets becomes so much easier when using barcode labels, because barcode systems can be used to track missing assets.

Can I try before I buy?

Asset Labels for Schools makes it easy for you to buy asset labels for your school with confidence. A range of sticky asset labels will be sent for you to sample, alongside samples of any custom- printed labels that you have ordered for your approval. We are confident that you will place an order, based on the quality and value of these free sample labels. Our team of friendly sales staff are happy to give advice on every label type.

QR code label

‘Asset Labels for Schools’ is part of Custom Labels Ltd, a UK business that leads the way in custom- printed labels for business and industry, worldwide.