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Can I order online?

Yes. Many of our customers prefer to order this way. The Order Now page can be found on our Asset Labels for Schools website where you can find details of the 3 different sized asset labels that we offer. For more bespoke packages, please do feel free to get in touch for a personalised quotation.

Here at Custom Labels and Asset Labels for Schools, we can print from a digital-based image sent directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs and those from graphics software. Digital printing allows far more flexibility with colour, design and image quality. Our in- house graphic designer can edit your design to suit your exact specifications and print directly onto a label size of your choice.

Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has brought about faster turnaround times for our customers with additional adaptions (such as name changes) and updates possible.

UK asset security labels

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Is it easy to re order?

Most of our customers return to us. We store all our orders and enquiries to ensure repeat orders can be dealt with effectively.

So if you require top quality durable labels to secure your valuable resources, help and advice and a quick delivery, then why not join our rapidly growing customer base?

Schools trust us to do a great job. Order now and join our loyal customer base.

Quality labels with quick turnaround.

Order quality labels with a quick turnaround time.