Asset Labels for Schools supply ‘Approved Device’ labels. These are labels specifically designed for use in test conditions in schools, colleges and universities.

Use an Approved Device label for peace of mind.

Schools and examination authorities have strict guidelines to follow to meet the correct test conditions. During an exam it is common not to allow:

  • electronic devices including mobile phones, smart watches, MP3 players and tablets.
  • calculator or dictionary – except in specified subjects and it must be an Approved Device.
  •  pencil cases or any type of case.
  • books, notes, sketches, paper of any kind.

Any piece of equipment that has been approved by specific examination board guidelines can be labelled as an Approved Device. This could be a calculator. Stick the label onto the calculator in advance to show the invigilator that it is allowed to be used by the student.  If removal is attempted, the label will either break up (if made from Ultra Destruct Vinyl) or leave a VOID marking upon the device. Both will show the attempted removal of the label. The label cannot be then transferred to another device. See a short Approved Device movie clip here.

The Approved Device label can be printed with a school logo and asset numbered. The numbering provides an extra level of security because the asset can be linked to each student for each exam. It is also easy to see if any are missing – and which ones. These labels are very popular because they help with the smooth running of the organisation and invigilation of examinations.

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Hard to remove label

An ‘Approved Device’ label made by

Government certifications given for Approved Devices can be read here. Our parent company, Custom Labels, manufactures similar labels for use in medical facilities and for evidence recording equipment such as CCTV.