We have updated our Asset Labels for Schools website to make it easier to view from different devices.

We have kept the same features, such as our links to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. A link to our parent company Custom Labels – offering businesses unbeatable value and service, can be found here too.

The ‘About Us’ tab leads to information about our school labels, detailing some technical information about asset labels and their suitability. This page also states that our sticky labels are of high quality and are good value for money.

PTA’s, Friends of the School and all other groups who support schools to fundraise now have their own designated tab. Bishop’s Hull PTA in Taunton, UK wrote, ‘ Thank you for our labels. They are really high quality and it’s great to be able to put them on to the books and equipment we’ve donated to the school.’

Users will now find it even easier to order sticky security labels for use in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities by clicking on the ‘Order Now’ tab.

By simply clicking the ‘Contact Us’ tab, users can telephone or e mail questions to us. Sample packs are also available from this page.

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Keep your assets safe by using asset labels to mark your property.

We hope that you will enjoy using our new website.